Three seconds is all it takes to make a first impression.

Without a great blog design, logical navigation, and easy-to-read content, your new readers or even potential brand partners hit the BACK button and don't return.

An effective blog design isn't just about pretty colors and a nice logo. 

It's about building trust with your audience.

We can ALL improve our blogs in some way. And the DIY Blog Critique will get you there -- by giving you an eagle eye for detail that you can't get from asking your family and friends what they think of your blog. With the DIY Blog Critique, you can:

  • Improve the three parts of a successful blog: design, functionality, and content
  • Critique 29 aspects of your blog step-by-step, with the reasoning behind each one
  • Uncover what's missing in your blog that could be hindering your success

This e-book is perfect for bloggers who know their blog could improve, but aren't sure where to start.

What Do You Get?

  • 40-page DIY Blog Critique e-book in PDF format
  • BONUS: Checklist to keep track of your progress

The checklist is perfect to take notes as you're going through the e-book.

A great blog design builds trust with your readers.
Get started improving your design today!

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What format does the e-book and bonus spreadsheet come in?

The e-book is a PDF file. The spreadsheet is available in both Excel and Google Sheets.

Does this e-book work for any blog platform?

Yes! This isn't a book of tech tutorials; it's a book full of practical ways you can make tweaks to your existing or new website. In a couple of spots, I recommend WordPress plugins, but offer another option for those not on self-hosted WordPress.

How long will it take to work through the e-book?

Really depends on how much work your site needs! In the beginning of the e-book, I give you tips on how to tackle the critique - plus you get a spreadsheet to keep track of your progress.

Is this also for someone with a new website?

Definitely! If you only have a few (or no) posts under your belt, consider this e-book less of a critique and more like a guide to doing things right the first time!

I've been blogging a while. Will this e-book help me?

Let me ask you this. Are you growing the audience you want? If not, then it could very well be because your site isn't inviting, your site is hard to navigate, or your content isn't great. This e-book can help you look at your blog with a non-biased lens and make instant improvements.

Is this a course or an e-book?

It's an e-book that lives on my course website! When you buy the e-book, you'll gain access to the e-book and bonus spreadsheet. The great thing about this is if you ever misplace the PDF or have a hard drive crash on you (without a back up), then the e-book and spreadsheet are always there!

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Melissa Culbertson

Well hey there. I’m Mel, side hustler and marketing pro. Author of Blog Design for Dummies. And creator of this course.As a marketer for over 18 years (and a blogger for 9 of them), I know how to build and plan content that reaches the right audience and turns them into raving fans. For the last five years, I’ve worked at Burt’s Bees, currently as the Assistant Manager of Digital Brand Engagement.Back in 2010, I was a year into blogging just as a hobby. It was a “mom blog,” but once a week I’d share tips for bloggers. Turns out my readers cared more about that than the adventures with my kids!Then… I got laid off. At that point, I took the leap to start Blog Clarity, turning my professional experience into actionable, can-do strategies, tips, and tutorials for peeps like you. Now, I've taught over 3,000 students how to do BIG things with their online business.

Get the 40-page e-book & bonus checklist to start improving your blog today!

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