Didn't Find the Right Course?

If my Blog Clarity courses don't float your boat, don't leave empty-handed. Let me recommend some others!

These are all affiliate links, where I get a commission if you sign up. That being said, I don't recommend courses if I haven't tried it myself or have a trusted relationship with the creator. So these get my virtual thumbs up.

Instagram Stories: Gram Slam

Gram Slam covers how to rock Instagram Stories. Alex Beadon was featured in my Blog Design for Dummies book so I'll be following her for a while. I dig her course and think it's perfect for those wanting to use Stories for your blog or business. Learn more about the course here.

Podcasting: Introduction to Podcasting

Looking to get into podcasting but aren't sure where to start? This course from Kim Anderson will hook you up. She'll walk you through the tools you need to start a podcast, how to record, how to edit, and ways to promote your podcast. Get $15 off with code blogclarity. Learn more about the course here.

Photoshop: Editing with Photoshop

As much as I try to use an online app like Canva exclusively, I keep coming back to Photoshop just because of the power of it. This Clickstart Club course is a juicy one! You'll learn everything from batching automations (like resizing a lot of images at once!) to adjusting white balance and shadows/highlights. Learn more about the course here.

Lightroom: Editing with Lightroom

Lightroom is an image management app that also includes photo editing. Most people find Lightroom easier to learn (they're both from Adobe). Learn how to use the library such importing and narrowing down photos. Then step into editing such as learning about the histogram and a full workflow checkist. Learn more about the course here.

(There's also a Photoshop and Lightroom Bundle if you want both.)

I'll be adding more courses as I come across them. If you have any you recommend, please shoot me an email and I'll check them out.